I help teachers live more than they work.

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I help teachers live more than they work.

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Hi! I'm Spencer

Teacher mentor and founder of Next Level Teacher. 

I'm here to help teachers empower themselves to put themselves first in a profession that puts them second.

My mentorship programs & self-paced courses help you build boundaries, maintain your identity outside the classroom and reject the historical norms that encourage you to sacrifice your personal time and life in order to do your job.

Together, we close the gap between where you are at right now (burned out, disconnected from yourself, low energy, work anxiety, overwhelmed, no time for self) and the life you desire most (time for yourself, elevated energy, a love your job again, burnout free)

Teaching is hard, the external conditions easily breed burnout. So how do we thrive despite them? By powering up the internal ones. You have more power than you're using. It's time to tap into that. I'm here to guide you there! Are you ready?

Let's Go!

Denise O.

"Spencer has helped me grow in ways I can't even describe! This time last year, I didn't know how I was going to continue as a teacher and didn't even recognize myself anymore. I had very little "life" outside of work and all I wanted was some fun back. Little did I know that a year on, I would have so much free time outside of work, have so much more fun in my life, grow as a person personally as well as professionally and most importantly, enjoy life again.

So many people have said that I am so much more confident and that they see how much more calm and relaxed I am in and out of work! I am still ME but as I have said and others have said, a new and improved version of Denise 💕 Thanks for making all this possible Spencer!"


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