Teaching is something you do. It's not who you are. It's one part of your life, not your whole life.

Take your power back.

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Are ya with me when I say survival mode is no way to live?

This isn't about just beating burnout, it's so much more. It's about getting to the root cause of burnout. It's about taking immediate control of your life. It's about raising your standards, building boundaries, and most of all prioritizing yourself so that you can maintain a full life and empowered identity outside the classroom.

THAT way of life is a life where burnout doesn't even stand a chance. 

Next Level Teacher helps you solve 'The Teaching Conundrum', which is, taking care of others before taking care of you. You can be an amazing teacher with a heart of gold and still put yourself first. You can have both.

You will learn and implement actionable strategies that help you protect your time, elevate your energy and prioritize yourself without guilt so that you not only beat burnout, but more importantly, you become someone who lives life on their own terms.

If merely surviving and 'making it' to Friday each week sounds lifeless to you...

If l living more than you work and reclaiming agency over your time, energy and life inside and outside of the classroom is what you've been looking for...

then you are in exactly the right place.


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Kristi B.

There are not enough words to express how much Next Level Teacher changed my life. I found Spencer when I felt I was at rock bottom. I was in therapy for help with my anxiety and depression. It was my 14th year of teaching and I could not suppress my symptoms of burnout any longer. I jumped on the opportunity to enroll in her mentorship without hesitation.

Through NLT I learned how to make and enforce boundaries that I was clearly lacking. With her resources and support I discovered that I had the time to create healthy routines for myself and opportunities to explore hobbies. I started discovering my identity again. For so many years, I lived the identity of a teacher. I had no clue what I enjoyed or was passionate about anymore. I made my family and my health a priority. I created a morning and evening routine that helped me set my mindset for the day and transition from work to home. I started living the life I had been dreaming about and wishing for.

Spencer taught me how to take every setback and turn it into a set up for my higher self. I will be forever grateful for her and the community that comes with Next Level Teacher. I was able to connect to amazing humans from around the world and feel their support every step of the way.

Denise O.

NLT was an outstanding experience that I wish everyone could do! I signed up because I was suffering from burnout which caused me to be out of work for months. I was hopeless and felt I wasn't myself at all. Work had consumed my life without me even noticing it happening until it was too late.

I had many hopes for the NLT Mentorship Programme but I never realized how much it was going to change my life for the better! People around me noticed how I was so much happier and calmer which brought me so much joy! I was living again and not just waiting for the weekend. It helped me professionally by showing me how to set boundaries, navigate negativity, protect my energy, manage my time, trust and feel confident in myself and my abilities and get back to enjoying teaching again. I have so much more fun in my life now than I did before NLT. I now see teaching as my job and a SMALL aspect of my life. Prior to NLT, it was "Denise the teacher" but now I'm Denise 2.0!

The amount of similarities the group had with each other was amazing especially when I'm so far away - Ireland! The Zoom calls are so beneficial and you feel so supported and inspired after each and every call.

Spencer goes above and beyond for each and every person. She helped me in so many ways which I will be forever grateful for. Spencer is really committed, understands what we are all going through and offers fantastic advice when you really cannot figure out what to do. She empowered us all and we felt more and more confident in our abilities as the weeks went by. Spencer is extremely humble and she deserves so much credit for what she does! She has created a programme that there was such need for and made it such a success. Spencer has really changed me life!

Sharon S.

Before Next Level Teacher I had gone way past burnout. I was frustrated, tired, overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. I was ready to be done with being a teacher and everything that came with it. I was in survival mode 24/7 and I knew it needed to change, I needed to do something drastically different, but no clue where to start or how to do it. The Next Level Teacher mentorship changed it all, not just in my teacher life, but in my personal life, too.

Spencer is AMAZING!!! She is a supportive, kind, empathetic, uplifting, thoughtful and fun mentor. She has created the Next Level Teacher coursework to be engaging, change focused and intentional. It has taught me how to put the focus back on myself and how to move past the frustration, burnout, overwhelm and exhaustion and to level up my life. I now have a toolkit to help me deal with teacher stress and guilt, how to set healthy boundaries and how to be more in charge of my time so I can keep school at school.

Because of Next Level Teacher, I have raised my standards and made myself a priority. I know that I am a human first and a better teacher because of that. If you’re considering Next Level Teacher, don’t wait to invest in yourself!!! It is life changing and it will have a profound impact, regardless of whether you are in the beginning part of your teaching career or not. Thank you Spencer, I will forever be grateful for you and the impact you have made on my life!!!

Amy J.

NLT has been life changing for me both personally and professionally. Through NLT, I have learned who I am as a person again. I am a happier daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and teacher. I have a life outside of work and leave work at work (yes it is possible!). NLT gave me the tools and lessons to really begin to look at the energy/time I give to situations, the decisions I make, and the most impactful – creating and implementing boundaries. Each component of NLT builds upon each other and really helps your personal development.

NLT has improved my mental and physical health immensely. NLT and Spencer helped me gain confidence, trust in myself, and truly get to the root of my struggles with wanting to control, boundary setting, and people pleasing.

My biggest breakthrough came towards the end of the program when I was sitting in my classroom listening to gossip, complaints, and overall negativity. A goal I was working on was zooming out and really looking at the situation. I cannot control what is happening around me, but I can control how I react to it and my mindset. It is a major perspective and energy shift that this program and Spencer helped me learn and work through. My overall energy is so much better and I make the decision daily to shift my focus and keep myself healthy and happy.

NLT is the best investment I have ever made in myself. Meeting Spencer and participating in this program has been life changing in all the best ways.

Mentorship has given me the permission I needed to live the life I have always wanted to live.

- Mariah, 2nd Grade Teacher

I now have tools to help me stop people pleasing, to set healthy boundaries and to be more intentional with my time. I have learned so much about myself through this process. I fell back in love with myself. 

- Carrie, Special Education Teacher

"Mentorship has given me the permission I needed to live the life I have always wanted to live."

- Mariah C.

"I now have tools to help me stop people pleasing, to set healthy boundaries and to be more intentional with my time. I have learned so much about myself through this process. I fell back in love with myself. "

- Carrie G.

- Aly H

Next Level Teacher is truly the thing every teacher needs! Mentorship helped me recognize where I was putting my energy and how to change my mindset around teaching. I used to believe I couldn't have a work-life balance because there was always more to do and more to say yes to. Now, I recognize which boundaries I need to enforce and how to do so in a professional way.  The zoom calls were the highlight of my week, as I knew I'd feel celebrated, challenged and supported all at once! I know the tools I've learnt will help me through the rest of my career!

My biggest win was recognizing the changes I needed to make, and the connection they had with changing my mindset. As I started to focus on creating a positive mindset and focusing on my energy, I realized where I needed to change what I was accepting. I also challenged my belief that there isn't enough time to focus on me and really focused on maximizing my working hours so that I could enjoy time to myself each day. I drew a boundary with my administrator and finally turned emails off on my phone, despite saying I needed to stop responding to emails at night for nearly 2 school years. I recognized how closely tied my identity was to being a teacher and now i'm working on finding new hobbies or returning to old ones that light me up and expand how I see myself.

- Kayla A

For the last 12 weeks I have been working with Spencer through her mentorship program and I cannot even begin to express how much this experience has changed my life! It seems like such a short amount of time to claim that it changed my life, but it really did. 

When I first inquired about mentorship with Spencer I was at my ”rock bottom” in teaching and in many other areas of my life. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to go through my life feeling the way I was currently feeling. I was nervous to try mentorship, and I was worried that I was going to invest in this opportunity and not see any gain from it. I was so, so wrong. 

I learned so much during those 12 weeks. I learned how to set myself up for success in my day using morning and nightly rituals. I learned a lot about who I am as a person and how my limiting beliefs were holding me back from what I truly want in life. I also learned how to ditch those beliefs and how to create new ones. I started to let go of perfectionism and the fear of what people think of me. And I learned about boundaries and how to set them. Believe it or not, this is only a small snapshot of the things I took away from this program. 

Working with Spencer has been such a pleasure. The support she offers is unmatched and she is such a kind, patient, supportive, energetic, and encouraging person. Spencer has done an incredible job in creating a positive space for teachers to grow and learn. 

Spencer, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU so much! You have truly changed my life. 

- Bridget O

NO more YES girl! Before starting mentorship, I was the ultimate yes girl in my personal life and my professional life as a teacher. I was the definition of no boundaries. It simply was not a concept in my life before mentorship. I would say yes to others to make them happy and say no to things that I wanted to do in order to please others. But after working closely with Spencer and working with the empowerment community that she had created with other teachers, I was able to feed into myself for the first time in my teaching career and life. Excuses? I came up with everyone in the book on reasons why I shouldn't put myself first. But what I didn't realize was all of these limiting beliefs that were holding me back from the freedom to say yes to the things I want and no to the things I didn't want to do. This was the first time I invested into myself. At the rate I was going with how I let others walk all over, burnout would have ben inevitable. After taking the time to invest in myself. I have created healthy boundaries and lifestyle changes that have made the biggest difference in my teaching career and personal life. I've been able to re-teach myself the meaning "work to live rather than live to work." So if I can give you any advice, put yourself first and take the plunge. You won't regret it.

Carrie G

These last 3 months have been SO EMPOWERING!! I can’t put into words how much this program has helped me. I was able to shift my daily mindset. This program helped me grow in my personal and career. I have always been a “People Pleaser”, I now have tools to help me stop people pleasing, to set healthy boundaries (both personal and work related) and to be more intentional with my time. I have learned so much about myself through this process. I fell back in love with myself. Thank you SO much Spencer!!! I loved group!!! I now have two new friends that I can bounce teacher ideas with and share my high and lows with.

Julia T

Next Level Teacher gave me the boost I needed when I was teetering on burnout in my first year of teaching. Spencer is such a kind, and uplifting mentor, she knows exactly what teachers need. I found Next Level Teacher extremely valuable and I also left with wonderful reflective practices and resources that I will use beyond the program. Teaching is a rewarding career, but between its demands and the compassion fatigue-- it can swallow you whole if you don't have the coping skills! Spencer can equip you with the coping skills you need! If you are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, Spencer and her programs are for you. Any teacher can benefit from her and her support!

Katherine G

I can’t even begin to put into words how grateful I am to have had this opportunity to learn from you. I truly feel such a shift in my daily mindset. This program and time of reflection has helped me grow IMMENSELY and level up in my life. I feel like I woke up so many pieces of myself that have been put to sleep over the years. I feel so empowered to be the true me, stop people pleasing, and listening to those limiting beliefs/stories that have been stored for years. Thanks for helping me “let that shit go” and be free! I feel like I have made so much progress. I’ve created SO much more room for the goodness in my life! Can’t wait to keep growing and tackle my next 3 months of goals I have ahead!!

- Mariah. Dothan, AL

Before mentorship, I was exhausted. I was exhausted from everything I was doing but I had no idea how to fix it. I was emotionally exhausted from second guessing and doubting every single decision I made. I was exhausted from comparing myself to others. I was exhausted from all the negativity that stemmed from my own thoughts and my own doubts. ‚Äč

Mentorship helped me to feel less exhausted. I feel lighter, so much more like I do not have to weigh myself down with all of the outside negativity. I feel like I have better trust in myself to do the things I am meant to be doing. I learned where all those exhausting, negative thoughts stem from and I learned to acknowledge them, let them go, and change them. I learned that stressing about things that are not in my control only brings me down. I learned that often times, doing the hard thing (whether that is having a difficult conversation or doing the dishes) is the thing that must be done in order to truly care for myself and my well being. I learned that saying no and establishing that boundary is not just good but necessary. I learned to put myself first when, as a teacher, we are told to do the exact opposite. Something major that has stuck with me from mentorship is being prepared for the unknown. Before mentorship, I was questioning whether teaching is for me. After mentorship, I am still pondering this same question. However, with mentorship and Spencer’s ideas in my head, I don’t worry about what will happen if I move on to the next opportunity. I don’t focus on the possibility of failure, I focus on the possibility of success. I have been calling in and manifesting greatness just like I learned to and I feel very strongly that it will pay off, whether that is in teaching or in my next endeavor. Mentorship has given me the permission I needed to live the life I have always wanted to live. My mentality has changed, my thoughts have changed, my attitude has changed, my outlook has changed- all for the better.  

Eve. Grosse Point, MI

I just can't thank you enough! I don't even want to imagine what growth and possibilities I could have missed out on in my work and in my personal life had I not signed up for this mentorship program! This growth has meant so much to me and I can't imagine my life without having taken this journey and gotten to where I am.

Within my first year of teaching, I have created courses that were much needed, that never existed before. I created something out of nothing, in a pandemic, in my first year. I made a difference. I claimed my space. And along the way, I learned more about self-love and how to not ask for permission, what boundaries I need, and what is most important to me. Learning how to set boundaries, find my values, use my time more wisely, and start my day with the right mindset through morning journals allowed me to have the strength and courage to accomplish all that I did. And your support, Spencer, was priceless. Having someone (outside your traditional circle!) in your life as a sounding board, a guide, a teacher, and encourager is something I think anyone, anywhere, in any profession could benefit from. The words of advice you gave me were so personalized and tailored to my experience that I truly felt you really cared about my journey and were also holding me accountable. I know I am still a work in progress and have many more goals and dreams but I feel like I can now accomplish them step by step, week by week, with some guidance and continued determination to stick to these routines and lessons and commit to continuing to seek opportunities for further growth. THANK YOU, SPENCER!!!

- Janice L

NLT gave me the confidence that I have the power to choose different thoughts, set different boundaries, and make new choices all of which are keeping me far away from exhaustion & burnout this school year.

My awareness is through the roof in regards to what deserves my energy and how I can build capacity for more of what serves me best. I’ve integrated several strategies throughout my day that regulate my nervous system which seems to make an impact in everyone around me too.

I’m certainly happier this school year after going through NLT and even while I was in it during the school year. It wasn’t an extra thing on my plate. It felt like I won a prize every week and I always walked away from the call feeling lighter thanks to Spencer, the support coaches, and our mentorship group.

So glad I found NLT!

- Julia C.

Next Level Teacher challenged me to dream bigger for my life and take action to make those dreams start coming true.I started it after a year that burned me out where it felt like I didn’t have time for anything other than teaching.

Now I know I have so many more facets to my identity. It helped me shift my mindset and negative self-talk to empowering positive self-talk. While life still throws me curveballs, I now know I have all the tools I need to handle them. I have more time for my loved ones and for me! My husband and I now do midweek date nights regularly and instead of staying in with the “Sunday scaries,” I spend time with family and friends. 

Spencer creates such a supportive community that cheered me on and kept me accountable to my goals. I no longer put myself on the back burner. I now know the boundaries I need to protect my energy and be my best self.

I am so grateful for NLT. 

- Hayley N.

NLT has changed the game for me! I experienced burnout within the first 4 years of teaching. I didn't know how I could keep going in a job that I used to love. Spencer helped me to change all of that.

I am now able to experience more joy during the week and not just on weekends. I don't take my marking or planning home. I enjoy my evenings and weekend for myself and my loved ones.
Since joining NLT, I have a more defined morning routine that helps me start my days off on the right foot. I have a renewed passion for my job and I can see a future in teaching. Most of all, I left with the tools and mindset shifts to reallllly grasp that I'm a human first, and a teacher second. It's okay to take care of myself before others, it's okay to not do everything perfectly, and it's okay to not have my whole identity wrapped up in teaching. ahead!!

- Hannah S.

My goal going into Next Level Teacher was to create professional and personal boundaries. I not only created multiple boundaries, but I reinforced them with confidence. Before NLT, I used being a younger, not yet tenured, school counselor, as excuses for staying quiet.

My excuses put me in a position where I was struggling to say “no”, worked beyond contract hours, and my emotions went into lockdown. I was feeling burnout after only 3 years!

While in the NLT program, I was tested. I wanted to be challenged. I was pushed to dig deep and challenge old beliefs. My schedule was quite busy, but I was efficient in the 24 hours we are all blessed with and prioritizing NLT was always a non-negotiable. I saw major shifts by week 3. 

I quickly regained a sense of joy and contentment. A new level of passion for my career burned strong. Expectations shifted. Vulnerability was tested. Accountability was provided both by coaches and peers. Now, I only use my cell phone for friends and family. I leave work at work. I reinforce boundaries and stay in my lane. 

Both my biggest challenge and greatest breakthrough was embracing vulnerability.

I had to challenge my definition of “strength”. I had a limiting belief that strength was not showing emotion. The NLT squad was a force - we loved hard, kept each other accountable, and celebrated the heck out of each other!! NLT grads will be resilient, they’ll feel, they’ll put themselves first, they’ll move their bodies, limit screen time, find time for hobbies, and reach out for support.

I cannot recommend Spencer and her programs enough! Run, don’t walk, to her website to learn about various levels of support - It’s time to show yourself love and respect by challenging yourself as a whole. 

Mentorship helped me to stay dedicated to myself throughout the craziness that teaching threw at me on a daily and weekly basis. - David M

"Mentorship helped me to stay dedicated to myself throughout the craziness that teaching threw at me on a daily and weekly basis."

- Julianna W

Mentorship helped me learn that it is not selfish to focus on my own self care, and showed me that boundaries are paramount. If you're thinking about joining mentorship, do it! It may seem scary, but it’s an investment in yourself that will pay off in so many ways.

Brittany P

As a human being, I am more grounded and approach situations differently because I created more healthy work boundaries. I learned ways to focus on what I can control while learning ways to let go of things put of my control. Truly, I feel more in touch with who I am. Creating my script, journaling daily, reframing self-talk, re-writing old stories and letting go of guilt are just a few of the greatest moves that changed my life.

David M

Mentorship helped me to stay dedicated to myself throughout the craziness that teaching threw at me on a daily and weekly basis. It was key to reflect on the positive and be able to have more clarity in what I wanted to accomplish. Mentorship provided a space that I would be able to look forward to every week and share successes throughout the

- Samantha S

Mentorship helped me to let go of my feelings of teacher guilt and set better boundaries for myself.  I am starting to do more things for myself because I deserve them! I am falling back in love with myself as a person and enjoying old hobbies again. I still stress about my job from time to time, but not nearly as much because it’s just a job. Mentorship is totally life changing. You are worth investing in yourself and this was the best thing I could do for myself as a teacher at this point in my career.


Mentorship is the guide I needed when I was in the classroom.

I experienced burnout and self-abandonment at a very early stage in my teaching career. I struggled with perfectionism, teacher guilt, unhealthy boundaries, negative self-talk and comparison. I was always putting extra pressure on myself to give more and do more.

I went through a personal development journey that empowered me in the classroom and more importantly, in my life. I didn't only beat burnout, I created an entirely new reality. That journey is the foundation of my mentorship program.

You are amazing and you are enough. You  deserve to be happy, feel free, and live everyday for you.

Step into your power.

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