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If you're ready to start living your life for YOU, you're in exactly the right place.

You're made for more than living life feeling consumed by work and other people's expectations. If you're ready to start living your life for YOU, you're in exactly the right place.

Is your day-to-day sucking the life out of you?

Your job, the needs of others, and the outside expectations from the world are going to take whatever you are willing to give. If you want quality energy, time and joy, you have to protect those things.

Boundaries shield you from energy-draining tendencies, time-wasting tasks and resentment-building situations.

Without them, your time and energy are easy access and the quality of your life is left to chance.

The good news? This is in your control.

You can giveback without being a giving machine.

You can be an amazing friend/mother/partner/teacher/professional etc. without being available to everyone 24/7.

You can support others without being unsupportive of yourself.

You can live your life the way YOU want to live it despite what others expect.

How? ...



In this program we will uncover it all:

  • Recognize what boundaries you may need in order to be in charge of your time and energy 
  • Deepen your self-empowerment when it comes to enforcing boundaries
  • Increase and uplevel your confidence with communicating your boundaries
  • Understand how to navigate building boundaries despite what others might say or think about them
  • Learn how it's possible to put yourself first AND do your job as a teacher



Have you ever felt like your roles and responsibilities are taking over your life? Like no matter how much you might want to, you can't seem to find time for yourself or separate your personal time/life from work?

Is a lack of healthy boundaries negatively impacting your personal relationships, energy levels, mood or sense of identity?

Do you often say "yes" when you know you really want to say "no"?

Does a fear of upsetting others hold you back from enforcing your boundaries? 

Do you often feel like you are drowning in all the To Dos?

Maybe you're simply looking to prevent burnout, reduce anxiety and sustain your love for life?

If any of the above is true for you, then Burnout to Boundaries is definitely for you.

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"It was so refreshing to learn how to establish boundaries professionally but firmly. I was lost as to what to say for a long time but now I can communicate my limits professionally and confidently. The mindset shifts that happened for me while going through this mini course were the most surprising part and have been what has helped me become  effective in commiting to the boundaries that make the biggest difference as far as protecting my personal time and my life outside of work."

Dayana B.

"After integrating the perspectives and boundaries you taught me, I finally have the energy for myself and everything outside of work. I've regained long lost hobbies and feel like I love my job again. I have the tools I didn't know that I needed and am seeing things through a different filter. I don’t want to feel defeated and I definitely no longer believe that teaching is anything more than just my job. This was an AWESOME course with just enough information to get me on track."

Catherine M.

My passion for helping you create boundaries in your life was born from my own struggles with boundaries. I'm a former teacher and during my years in the classroom I spent so much of my time, energy and focus on work and on others. Thinking about my students 24/7, striving to go above and beyond to meet everyone else's expectations, and putting myself second when it came to my personal relationships, taught me how quickly and easily you can lose yourself when you're conditioned to put others before you.

We're taught that being the "nice girl" and making sure others are happy and comfortable even if we're not is what it means to be a "good" person...

and that's just simply not true.

After giving myself permission to treat teaching like just a j-o-b and finally prioritized my wants and needs, I not only established a work-life harmony/balance, but I upgraded my identity, developed much much healthier relationships, experienced a new level of happiness, and began living a full life outside of work that I was obsessed with.

I'm here to help you do the same.



No matter what your career might be or what roles you have in life, Burnout to Boundaries is for anyone who is ready to take their power back.

Your life is YOURS, no one else's. Time to unapologetically live it the way you want to live it. 

I want in! Let me know when I can join