Why Do Teachers Feel Like Nothing They Do Is Good Enough?

May 25, 2022

Why do so many teachers report feeling inadequate or like nothing they do seems to be "good enough"?


I think one enormous root cause for this lack in self-worth is the idea that teachers are humans in a job that asks them to be superhuman.


But, the part that most of us miss is that you don't have to be superhuman to make an impact. You can stop chasing being enough and still rock it in the classroom. You can love your job and also refuse to reach for the unrealistic expectations. (And speaking from my own experience, you'll love it even more when you do.)


The teachers who understand that they have this power are the ones who change their burnout reality. You aren't helping students succeed by working yourself sick. You will, however, be in a better position to help them succeed by getting yourself support and taking excellent care of yourself.


I want to leave you with this today: why not you?


There are teachers out there creating awesome boundaries, traveling more, engaging in hobbies, enjoying more PTO, grading less, falling back in love with themselves and their work or falling in love with new passions to pursue. They're prioritizing their happiness and making the necessary changes to actualize the life they want instead of wishing for it.


So, why not you?

Know you're enough. Decide your reality gets to change. Remember you are in charge. By opening yourself up to the belief that ease, balance, and happiness can be yours you can change everything.






What would you do differently if you knew that you were actually, completely, and wildly enough? What would you stop doing? What would you start doing? How would life be different?

I encourage you to journal your thoughts on those questions this week and see what comes up for ya!

If you're dead serious about making massive shifts this year and excited about fully taking the wheel in your life, then you're going to want to go here and learn more about my signature teacher mentorship program, Next Level Teacher.


If mentorship feels like a big leap, perfect. That means you're on the right path.


Here for you if you need anything at all! Email me anytime :)

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