This is not just about beating burnout, it’s so much more.


Imagine yourself 3 months from now... 


Outside pressures and expectations no longer direct your life

You no longer guilt trip yourself into doing things that exhaust you

You're leaving work at work more often

You’re arriving home with more energy for yourself and your loved ones

You’re no longer waiting until Friday to breathe and be happy

And no longer allowing Monday to steal your Sunday

You care less about what others think and more about how you feel everyday

You're a priority in your life and you have the clarity on exactly what you want and how to get it

Perfectionism and self-abandonment have been replaced with self-empowerment and self-advocacy

Teaching is no longer in charge of your time and energy, you are.


What would that feel like? How will life be different when that is your reality? 


If you’re anything like me (which I know you are because you’re here) then you want to be in charge of your life instead of burned out, disconnected from yourself, working constantly and stressed out on a daily basis. 

I experienced burnout and self-abandonment at a very early stage in my teaching career. I struggled with unhealthy boundaries, external pressures, negative self-talk and always putting pressure on myself to do more. I realized that waiting for things to change was a losing bet so I took matters into my own hands and not only did I beat burnout, I created an entirely new reality. What I did for myself and my life is exactly what I’ve packaged up into a 90-day program in order to take you from burnout and putting yourself and your life second TO feeling reconnected with yourself, prioritizing yourself and finally feeling in charge of your life again. 

We both know that teaching is not designed to keep you happy. And that might never change. If you want more autonomy, time, energy, and joy - you have to create a life where those things are watered, protected and sustained.

This is how we do it:

Module 1:

Establish rituals & learn how to take control of your desired outcomes - take your power back ASAP

Module 2:

Reconnect with who you are outside of teaching . Unwrap your worth from your work and detach your identity from your teacher title. It's time to come back to YOU.

Module 3:

The quality of your energy = the quality of your mind = the quality of your life. Energy is the catalyst. It's also the resource most at risk if you're a teacher. Learn the 4 most effective ways to elevate, protect, manage and sustain your energy. 

Module 4:

Optimize and OWN your time instead of relying on time management strategies or time off to "find" more time. You will experience a shift in your relationship with time so that you are no longer constantly in a state of "there's never enough time."

Module 5:

Conquer the 3 forces that control your emotions so that you approach each day from a place of ease, joy and "I got this". Establish a new and empowered belief system and master your mindset so that the challenges begin to appear smaller and the pressures begin to feel lighter.

Module 6:

BOUNDARIES. Power up your greatest asset! Get crystal clear on what boundaries you need and receive the tools, strategies and scripts you need so that you can walk into next school year completely empowered. You’ll know exactly what to say to leaders and parents, you’ll recognize what it truly means to become your own advocate and you will be in control of your time and energy.

Module 7:

Learn how to navigate negativity so that the outside noise and heavy energy can no longer weigh you down.

Module 8:

Unlock a new level of self-confidence so that nothing and no one can guilt trip you or hold you back from prioritizing yourself, leaving work at work, or advocating for yourself.

Module 9:

Create the playbook for moving forward. Know exactly what you need next in order to sustain all of your new success when it comes to living more than you work and empowering yourself to live as a human first, teacher second. 


In 90 days you will…. 

  • Reconnect with who you are outside of being a teacher
  • Apply practical strategies coupled with powerful mindset shifts to regain personal agency over your time and energy 
  • Become clear in what boundaries you need and effective in enforcing them so that your time, energy and sanity are fully protected and optimized
  • Navigate negativity in an empowered way so that the workplace and the people in it can no longer bring you down 
  • Finally solve the “Teaching Conundrum” (taking care of others before yourself) - and NOT feel guilty about it
  • Build and strengthen the inner resources that are needed in order to live life on YOUR terms so that you no longer operating from survival mode. Survival mode is no way to live….and you don’t have to live that way. If you agree with that, then you are in exactly the right place!

"I cannot even begin to express how much this experience has changed my life. When I first inquired about mentorship with Spencer I was at my ”rock bottom” in teaching and in many other areas of my life. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to go through my life feeling the way I was feeling. I was nervous to try mentorship, and I was worried that I was going to invest in this opportunity and not see any gain from it. 

I was so, so wrong."


- Kayla, 3rd Grade Teacher

"Before starting mentorship, I was the ultimate 'yes girl' in my personal life and my professional life. After taking the time to invest in myself, I have created healthy boundaries and lifestyle changes that have made the biggest difference in my teaching career and personal life. I've been able to re-teach myself the meaning "work to live rather than live to work."

So if I can give you any advice, put yourself first and take the plunge. You won't regret it."


- Bridget, Self-Contained EI Teacher

"These last 3 months have been SO EMPOWERING!! I can’t put into words how much this program has helped me. I now have tools to help me stop pleasing people, to set healthy boundaries (both personal and work related) and to be more intentional with my time. I have learned so much about myself through this process. I fell back in love with myself."


- Carrie, Special Education Teacher

"Mentorship helped me to feel less exhausted. I feel lighter and no longer weighed down with all of the outside negativity. Mentorship has given me the permission I needed to live the life I have always wanted to live. My mentality has changed, my thoughts have changed, my attitude has changed, my outlook has changed - all for the better. "


- Mariah, 2nd grade teacher

"Mentorship helped me to stay dedicated to myself throughout the craziness that teaching threw at me on a daily and weekly basis and provided a space that I would be able to look forward to every week and share my successes throughout the week"


- David, 4th grade teacher

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You can’t wait until teaching isn't hard to be happy. And you don't HAVE to wait until teaching isn't hard to be happy. 

Don’t look back one day and wish you would have taken your life in your hands sooner.

Time to take your power back